Re – translations

Permissions granted to use our translations. 

If you are part of a translation group and want to translate one of our proyects, please get in contact with us, whether here, send us an e mail or write us in our facebook page,  and follow this rules.


1. First check that the permission has not been given to another group or that the manga is not already in your language.

2. DO NOT remove any credits page or watermark.

3. Only one permission is granted for language.

4. To get the permission send an email to, write us in facebook page or contact us here, including the following data:

  • Name:
  • Group:
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Language:
  • Manga you would like to work:

5. If the manga you want to work is being translated by us from english or other language, please ask for their re-translation permission, otherwise it will be denied.

In this link you can see which permissions have been given.